Irish Teddy Bear Before & After

Irish Teddy Bear Before & After.
Here is a recent restoration. This Irish Teddy Bear was born in 1956. He had two previous owners, siblings of the current owner who inherited him in 1964’s He had already had a hard life with plenty of ruff & tumble & had suffered many injuries including the loss of his pads, paws, voice & was in need of a visit to our ICU special Ted-tub. Hence when he arrived at The Dolls Hospital; he had been stuffed with a newspaper from 1964. Teddy had a nice long soak in the Ted- tub which is filled with magical bubbles to help clean and soften his fur & bring him back to his former glory. He was hand cleaned, replacement pads, paws, growler & replica glass eyes and his nose was fixed up. He was finished off with a nice red bow. Doesn’t he look smart 🐻 He was so excited to head home and show his family how well he looks now after his stay in the hospital 🏥😷
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