Brittney Doll Wig 2


Brittney Doll Wig


Brittney Doll Wig

Brittney style wig is available in a variety of colour’s ┬áPlease contact us if you need advise by email

Carefully measure the dolls head to select the proper size of the wig. See Below.

Most wigs have a stretch type cap which provides flexibility in sizing. This stretch cap makes it easier to place the wig on the dolls head. EXAMPLE: If your measurement of the dolls head is 14 5/8″ a wig size of 14-15 is correct.

With wig in hand place your hands on each side of the wig cap and stretch it over the dome of the head. Position wig so that the crown (top) of the wig is where it would appear on a human head. If the wig is to be permanent glue it in place by lifting the edges and placing a small amount of household glue just under the edge of the cap.