Dolls Voice Box “Mama Cryer”


Plastic Dolls Mama Cryer Box

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Dolls Voice Box “Mama Cryer”

Plastic Dolls Mama Box
To fit you 16″- 20″- 22″-28″ Pedigree, Kader Dolls & Crolly Dolls
Circumference around plastic middle.
4.5cm top with holes diameter – 4.0cm bottom diameter – 14cm
These Mama boxes are replicas of the original ones which fit into the Pedigree dolls and the Kader dolls.
The original mama boxes rubber flanges perish over the period of time, and they become silent and stop “crying”. If you actually come across a doll which works, it will probably be a replaced mama box, not the original one.
These voice boxes are of a very basic design, and emit a sound which is very close to the original sound of the Pedigree mama voice box. They will fit all the Pedigree dolls which have the removable covers on their back.
(if you are wanting a crier which actually states the word – mama or mother then these are not for you.