Teddy Bear Repairs.


For general repair enquiries please contact our customer service,
7 days a week. We aim to respond within 24 hours
E-mail: thedollshospital@gmail.com.
Telephone: 087-946-8264
Facebook: The Dolls Hospital

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Teddy Bear Repairs.

We Restore Your Memories and Create New Ones! At the hospital we perform restorations on your much-loved doll or teddy bear. Dr Ted believes that something can always be done to save your teddy/toy, in every single instance! He will try his best to repair or restore your teddy/toy just as you wish. If it is a teddy, he can repair or replace ears, eyes, paw-pads, add growlers, fix joints, stitch new noses, mouths and claws, fix holes and tears, cover the bear or toy completely…he will try anything! If it is a soft toy, again, he can wash, re-stuff, stitch up loose seams, repair tears, add new eyes and nose. All surgeries are minor & pain free. That’s because we administer generous doses of TLC